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Put your domain name and search it now for checking the available domain that you can take.

* note
- The domain name you are going to search must be more than 2 characters and less than 64 characters in length.
- Try to avoid searching by using a symbol or invalid domain format because it can be a cause of error.

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(e.g youreasy)


Suggestions for choosing a good domain name
When you start to create your domain names it’s better to do not register a domain names in too long or too many syllables. You can register names up to 63 characters long, but that doesn't mean that you need to use all those 63 characters.

If you want to make your name to be easy to remember it should be a fitting one. Not everyone will bookmark your page initially so try to think of something that can be easily to remember.

Use hyphens if your name is more than 3 words long or your name includes 3 short words. A name like easybuying.com doesn't really need a hyphen because it's readable the way it is.

Protect your name by registering multiple extensions (.net, .org, etc.) This is to prevent someone from copying your name.

You don't have to build a site on all the domains, but you can reserve the others to keep people from registering them.

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