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Home Features
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Web Space
Web Space Web space is the part of your data storage which is depended on the service details. The total physical amount of hard drive space a host allows a user to have. Just how much information you can upload to your web site e.g. Files, documents, images and web pages all come in different shapes and sizes. The size and volume of files you plan to upload will consider the amount of web space you will need. You can upload all sorts of files from plain text and images to high resolution images, databases, and online shops.
Monthly Bandwidth
Monthly Bandwidth Bandwidth considered from the amount of data accessed to your website how many people can actually view it. How the bandwidth you are supported the people can view your site successfully at any time. Also the more pictures, PDFs, large web pages etc you include in your site, the more bandwidth will be used. Easy Branches has unlimited bandwidth on its hosting packages, you can make sure your web site will always be available and quick to respond.
Operating System
Operating System The operating system is a core part of your website. We provide Linux operation system (Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5.5). With its stable and quick performance many website owners select this OS because it can make a website quicker to access and easy to manage.
Daily Backups
Daily Backups We back up your websites every day, so you need never worry that your data will be lost but we always advise our customers to keep a local copy of their website for their own peace of mind.
PHP, CGI, Perl Pyhon
PHP, CGI, Perl Pyhon Scripting languages allowing you various options and alternatives when developing forms of interaction on your website i.e. mail forms, database interaction, calendars etc. At Easy Branches we try to have the most stable versions of these languages preinstalled on our servers.
MySQL Database
MySQL Database Databasing software allowing you to create and manage databases and tables quickly and easily. Using a database opens up a bundle of new possibilities including building your own mailing list, developing an online catalogue, building a content management system and storing customer / client information.
MS SQL You can create MSSQL Server databases on your account and have full control of them via the Microsoft Enterprise Manager or ODBC. MSSQL Server is the most powerful database available for the web today and is the solution used by many corporate and financial institutions worldwide. MSSQL is available with our Business hosting package as a chargeable add-on.
Domain Name
All our web hosting packages come with a domain name such as .com, .net, .info, .org, and also now .me!!
Sub Domains
Sub Domains With our Web Hosting services, you have the ability to create unlimited sub-domains. A sub domain is also known as a "third-level" domain, and is a great way to create memorable web addresses for various areas of your site without the cost of new domains. For example your domain is www.entertainment.com, and you created a sub-domain for a video story. After you set it up, the address would be video.entertainment.com. This would go to a different area of your site. You can create sub domains for co-workers, family members, or to build separate sub-sites
Access your email anytime, anywhere. Our webmail interface can be accessed through any web browser at any time of the day. You simply need your login details to access it. Webmail allows you to check your mail even when you're out the office!
Email Aliases
An email alias allows you to create several alternative email addresses to point to your main mailbox. For instance, your main mailbox might be contact@easyhost.com. You could then setup aliases such as info@ and enquiry@ to point to contact@easyhost.com
Firewall Protection
All our web sites are protected by state of the art corporate firewalls to ensure no damage through malicious attacks to your website.
Password Protection
Password protection allows you to choose a directory within your web space and to lock it down ensuring only authorized users have access to the protected folder.
Virus Protection
We use high level virus protection to stop viruses, Trojans, worms and other harmful bugs disrupting your hosting service and your email.
SSL allows you to develop secure transactions between your website and your customers.
Email Support
Our email support is available 24hrs a day.
Telephone Support
All customers have access to our telephone support service. Open 9am-6pm Monday to Saturday, our phone support staff will help with any queries you have. Visit our support pages for more information.
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